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Pacific Skydiving

Requirements For Visiting Skydivers

If you are visiting Oahu and wish to make a jump with us you must have the following:
• All visiting skydivers must be approved by our safety team.
• A current USPA membership
• C license and 200 jumps minimum
• Your own rig with AAD required
• A current log book (hard copy)
• Reserve sealed by a certified rigger

Pacific Skydiving

We offer jumps from 14,000 FT from our own SuperVan 900

• Jump ticket: $35
• Bring your own certified equipment, no rental available
• Full service rigging loft on site
• SIS welcome!
• No overnight guests on the airport property
AAD required

Pacific Skydiving

Just Moved To Hawaii?

You are required to have a valid USPA membership. We can train from any level if you have the time necessary to spend with us.

"Gorgeous flight to 14,000ft and tandem skydive in Oahu. The best skydive in Hawaii."

Tandem skydives from 14,000ft!
Highest skydive in Hawaii!

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